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Ayna has been a little project to further investigate 3D-Coat's PBR shaders and Smart Materials. Her costume is based on a concept I did a while back and I thought to try to stylise her face opting for a slight Manga look. No post work on this apart from composition of renders in Corel Painter ( my Adobe License is no more ! ) I'll see how long I can last with Painter and Krita. On a side note Manga Studio also works with 3D-Coat as its external image map editor, which is great... layers etc all transfer nicely. Sculpt, Texture and Bake in 3D-Coat. Posed figure uses Mixamo and Lightwave to clean up the weight maps and tweak the geometry. Rendered in Toolbag 3.

Ian thompson ayna composition


Ian thompson ayna wire

Ayna - Render with wires

Ian thompson ayna wormview

Ayna - Low View to emphasise the legs